Austrian Royalty: Archduke Otto's Childhood

Figure 1.--Here we see Otto with his brothers and sisters together outside. Note that Otto has long hair while his younger brother Robert has short hair. Notice how Prince Otto has his hand on his younger brother's shoulder.

I have no information at this time about Otto's childhood or how he was raised. Our only information at this time is derived from the available photographs. There weenureerous official appearance in which Otto was involved as well as many family portraits of the children having fun together. This seem rather formal photogrphs. We do not see many informal snapshots. Otto seems to have had a happy childhhod in a very closely knit family. We see the younger and older children doing things together. The body language of the children in the photographs also suggest close family relations. Hopefully we can eventually obtain some details about the family.


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Created: March 25, 2004
Last updated: March 25, 2004