Austrian Royalty: Emperor Karl and Emperess Zita--Family

Figure 1.--Here the family is listening to the radio in the 1920s after World War I. Notice that it is an early model with multiple headsets rather than a speaker.

We have only the barest outline of the royal family and Prince Otto. Some information can be deduced from the photographs. They ppear to have been a closenit family. The children seem to have spent a great deal of time together. Theu often appeared with their parents. I eventually hope to add some biograpical details, but to date have been able to find little actual information.


Charles Francis Joseph, Charles I or Karl I (Charles IV of Hungary) (1887-1922), was another of Francis Joseph's nephews (figure 1). Karl replaced Francis Joseph when the Emperor died in 1916 (figure 4). Even before his death, Francis Joseph had planned to confer the rights of co-regent on Charles. Karl I was the last of the Hapsburg rulers. I have no information at this time on Karl as a father and the relationship with the children. After addicating from the Austrin monarchy, after the War he attempted to become the monarch of newly independent Hungary.


Karle mairried Princess Zita von Bourbon-Parma of Parma (1892-1989). Her parents were Duke of Bourbon-Parma (1848- ) and Maria Antonia de Braganša of Portugal (1862- ). Karl and Zita married in 1911. I have no information at his time on the Emperess or on her relationship with the children. Judging from the available photographs she dressed very stylishly and insisted on stylish clothes for the children. I know little about Princess Zita at this time. She did agree with her husband that the War had to be resolved with a negotiated settlement. They hoped to use her brother, Prince Sixtus of Bourbon-Parma as an intermediary.


Emperor Karl I/Charles I (Charles IV of Hungary) (1887-1922) was another of Francis Joseph's nephews (figure 1). He was only sixth in line to inherit the throne, but the more senior family members invalidated their claims bu marrying commoners or were not suitabl. Charles I had many children, the eldest were two boys (Otto and Robert) and a girl (Adelheid) (figure 3). The eldest was Prince Otto (named after his grandfather) who was born in 1912. Grand Duchness Adelheid was born a year later in 1913, and Robert the second son was born in 1915. Charles and Zita's children came about one a year.


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