Archduke Otto: Skirted Garments

Figure 1.--Herewe see Crown Prince Otto as small child. He looks to be about 3-years old and is wearing awhite dress with a large collar.

We see Prince Otto wearing a vriety of skirted outfits. It is difficult to tell much about the garments in the available outfits. Somelook to be dresses, but he may have also worn tunics as well. We have no information on these garments other than what can be gleaned by assessing the available portraits and other photographs. They seem to be mostly white garments. I'm not sure when he was breached nor if all the other boys were breached at a specif age. Clearly Emperess Zita did not believe in cutting the boys' hair at the time of breaching. In fact Otto continued to have worn long hair to what looks like his early teens.


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