Crown Prince Rudolf: Education

Figure 1.--Crown Prince Rudolf's Governor designed an extensive, liberal course of stydy employing 50 teachers. As a result, he developed very different attitudes from his conservative father.

When very young, Rudolf care takers were selected by the Archuchess Sophie who chose the caretakers. Emperess Elizabeth was judged as too young. Count Leopold Gondrecourt was appointed the prince's governor in 1864. I am not sure who selected him, but believe it was either the Emperor or his mother Arch Duchess Sophia. The Count used severe methods to harden the young prince. These methods were a shock to Rudoldf who had up to this time been affectioinately cared for by Wowo. Finally after hearing constant complaints from her soin, the Emperess intervened. Count Joseph Latour von Thurmburg was appointed in 1865. Latour was a success and got on well with Rudolf. He became a kind of surrogate father as the Emperor spent only limited time with the boy. While not as severe as Gondrecourt, Latour was a demanding governor. He designed a very impressive curriculum. About 50 different teacherswere employed to present the many different subjects Latour insisted upon. The program was a far different one that the Emperor had received. It was a liberal course of study similar to that received by middle-class boys at the time. Rudolf was an apt pupil with an inquiring mind. He did well in most subjects, although he showed little interest in religion. He developed anti-clerical attitudes as was common among liberal thinkers at the time. Latour gave his parents approving reports on his academic progress, but was disappointed in his charge tendecy on occassion to lie. We are unsure just how aware his father was of his son's developing liberal views and if he was why he didn't intervene to demand a more conservative educational program in line with his own views. The academic course of study may not be the only factor involved here. It is interesting to compare the eduction of Prince Wihelm in Prussia with that of Rudolf. Both were about the same age. Prince Wilhelm also had an excellent tutor also. In his case he had a liberal-minded father and mother, yet became very conservative in outlook. Prince Rudolf had a conservative father and developed a liberal outlook.


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Created: April 2, 2004
Last updated: April 2, 2004