Madagascar Independence Education System: Private Schools

Figure 1.--This is the Ecole Privée Les Lionceaux (Private School Lion Cubs) located in Ramena along the north coast of Madagascar. The pupils all wear red smocks.

Since independence, a strong and vibrant and growing private school system has developed in Madagascar. Many observers are conceerned about a growing disparity between the standards of the state and public system. Researchers confirm substantial differences in standards between the state and private schools. [Lassibille and Tan] President Ratsiraka pursued an education policy that he called Malagachization. This strengthened the two-track education system (1980s). The elite and prosperous middle class enroll their children in private French-language schools give them a huge educational advantage. The vast majority of the population enroll their children in the public schools with lower academic standards, especially French proficency. A 1991-92 academic year study found that less than 6,000 children were enrolled in private French-language primary ad secodary schools--the country's most prestigious schools. The second tier of private schools were the Roman Catholic schools, a parochial system which also had French language instruction. There was a third tier of private students were enrolled in a third tier of private schools which are generally seen as having French-language standards that are mediocre. The vast majority of Malagasy children (some 1.6 million) attend the public school system.


Lassibille, Gérard and Jee Tan. "Student learning in public and private primary schools in Madagascar, "Economic Development and Cultural Change Vol. 51, No. 3 (May 2003).


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