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Turkish School Garments: Smock Collars

Figure 1.--Here we see a Turkish boy who looks to be about 6 years old, proibablyh his first school day portrait. The portrait is undted, but wsa propbsbly takn in the 1980s. His collar looks like a detachable one. /i>

Turkish school smocks are worn with wide white collars. The collar seems to be sewn onto the smock rather than a blouse or shirt worn under the smock. As far as we can tell, noner were actutal blouse collars. Some of the collars seem to be detachable such as the one here (figure 1). Most, however, seem sewed on. They are worn with wide white collars, often Peter Pan collars. They vary somewhat in size, but all the smocks are worn with these large white collars. We have seen different collar styles. The boy standing on the previos page has a Peter Pan collar (figure 1). Boyh boys and girls wear these collars. They can vary, but not always. Some boys had pointed collars styled more like Etons. But the Peter Pan collar is the most common for both boys and girls. Many of the girls have collars with scalloped edging. We don't see boys with this style. There was also colored edging, nut theywere not bat all common. We note that many boys and girls wear embroidered designs on these collars. Plain white collars were the most common, but we see many nembroidered designs. We see some are the Islamic cresant and star that are a symbol of Turkey, but there are many other designs as well.


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