Scottish School Uniform: Personal Experiences

A HBC reader has provided school information about is Scottish boarding school.


We had caps. They were light grey with the school badge sewn on. Our blazers were light grey again with the badge on the pocket. We all wore grey short trousers which had to fit properly. None of the baggy shorts worn today. Our shorts tended to be on the short side. Sometimes are blazers were longer than our shorts, which looking back must have made us look a lottle funny. We wore light light grey kneesocks with coloured bands with black lace-up shoes.

Our formal uniform was a tweed jacket and kilts. We wore harris tweed kilt jackets with the kilt. We could choose any plain colour that matched our tartan. Persomally I rather liked the kilt and found it very comfortable. Not all of the boys, however, liked it. Boys from other countries had a choice as to whether to wear it or not. A lot of the non-Scottish boys did choose to wear it. We wore our kilt uniform for church, special occasions, and for coming and going to school. We also wore it for field trips while at school.

School Type

I first boarded at prep schppl from the age of 9 years went on to senior school when I was 12 going on 13. Both were all boy schools.

Evening Activities

We played games in the evening. Some of us got up to a little mild mischief. We also did some extra homework. TV was a no no except at weekends for a short time.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: May 20, 2001
Last updated: May 20, 2001