** Scottish school uniform: individual schools

Scottish School Uniform: Individual Schools

Figure 1.--Here are the children at the Kirkmichael School in 1911. As can be seen in the background, they had a very substantial school building. Many of the boys wear suits with stiff Eton collars to school. One boy wears a sailor suit. The girls wear dresses, a few with large lace collars. Some wear white or colored pinafores. Many girls have hairbows. Many of the boys, at least the younger boys, are barefoot, even the boys wearing Eton collars are barefoot. We do not know if the girls also came to school barefoot. Image courtesy of the Mabole Community Website.

Clothing trends at Scottish schools can be followed by a look at different types of individual schools at various locations throughout the country. HBC at this time has images from only a few schools but hopes to expand this section. Except for the kilt, schoolwear styles are quite similar to England--perhaps a bit more conservative. Some information is available on individual schools to illustrate school uniform trends at the various types of schools. Schools have had different uniforms over time, but there is great similarities as so many schools used the same basic styles. This is especually true of the boys' uniforms. There is much more difference over time as schools are constantly updating their uniforms.

Specific Schools Listed Alphabetically

Information avialable on uniforms at specific schools is available here. In this section we have listed the different schools alphabetically by the name of the school. This will allow readers will easily look up specific schools.

Schools Listed Chronologically

Here we have listed the various Scottish school pages chronologically so that school trends and schoolwear can more easily be assessed compared. We have used the date of the image available to date the listing rather than the dates the school opperated. When more than one page is available on a school, we have liisted the various pages in the chronological index.

Old Boys and Girls

HBC incourages old boys and girls of these and other Scottish schools to contribute information about the school uniforms they wore and school regulations concening those uniforms. HBC is also interested what students thought about their school uniforms.

Personal Experiences

Additional information on individual schools is available in the personal experiences section.



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