Italian School Smock Collars and Bows: Age Conventions

Figure 1.--Notice the boy's collar. He is clearly not wearing a regular shirt with his belted smock. The collar may well be attached to the smock. Also notice how long the girl's smock is. I'm not sure when this phitograoph was taken, but would guess about 1950. Notice the two horizontal bars on his smock. I'm not sure what that meant.

We are not yet sure about age conventions with collar and bow styles. The wide white collars and bows do not appear to be associate with age. Rather they were worn by all the children wearing school smocks, not just the younger children. As far as we can tell all the children in some primary schools wore these blue smocks with wide white collars and red bows with no detinction of age. These seems to be primarily styles adopted by schools rather than chosen by parents. Thus age does not seem to have been a factor. We do note some group shots with children wearing various clothes, but we believe this may show children from various schools. Hopefully our Italian readers will provide us some insights as to the age conventions associated woth these white collars and bows.


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Created: May 31, 2004
Last updated: May 31, 2004