Italian School Smock Collars and Bows: Gender

Figure 1.--The Italian school children are having lunch we believe in the 1930s. They all wear smocks with white Peter Pan collars. The boys collars are fairly uniform, but some of the girls have more stylish white collasrs.

The desctinctive white collars often worn with Italian school smocks had some destinctive gender twists. Many early images show the childern wearing wide rounded Peter Pan collars. The colors of the smocks may have been different, but both boys and girls appear to have worn these Peter Pan collars. Early images of Itlaian school children show both the boys and girl wrearing the same rounded Peter Pan collars. We are not sure about the 19th century, but this seems to have been the case in the 20th century. There seems to have been considerable uniformity in the collars the boys wore with smocks. Very basic wide white collars, and mostly Peter Pan styles. With the girls there was more variety and the gurls and mothers introduced more diversity and style in the collars. We see the girls for exanple wearing such alternatives as lace collars along with the standard basic white collars. We see cut-out lace and wider collars. Both of which we do not see the boys wearing. There appear to be no gender differences as late as the 1940s. Gradually in the late-20th century we see this changing. We note smaller white collars and more boys wearing pointed rther than rounded white collars. HBC is not sure when this convention began. We even see smocks without the white collars so common in the 20th century. Girls in contrast continue to wear the rounded Peter Pan collrs with their smocks. There seem to be some age differences here. Pointed collars are in the 2000s usually worn by boys and Peter Pan rounded collars by girls. This is hardly universal. Even today some boys still wear the rounded Peter Pan collars with school smocks, but mostly younger boys.


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Created: 6:46 PM 9/22/2016
Last updated: 6:46 PM 9/22/2016