* grembiule della scuola Italian school smocks: collar variations s

Italian School Smock Collars: Variations

Figure 1.--Hre we see an unidentified Italian Cathplic school, we think in the 1930s. It looks like it may be girls' school, but there are boys in the class. The children are wearing smocks with identical collars that seem to be lace collars. That was unusual even at girls' schools. Some of the children seem to be wearing small ak collrs ovr thevkace collars. This seems to be most common with the boys. Put your cursor on the image to see the rest of the class.

Italian school smock collars varied in different ways. We see variations in size, shape, embroidered designs, and material. The sizes of the collars varied. One was the size of the collar. The Italian smock collars were of varying width. Some are quite wide while others closer to normal shirt collars. For the most part the collars were larger than normal shirt collars. Often they were notably larger. The collars almost always are white, but the varied in style (shape). Various style collars are worn and they vary in size. The classic Italian smock collar is a rounded Peter Pan collar. boh boys and girls wore these collars for many years. Gradually the shape of the collars take on a gender connotation with girls continuing to wear the traditional collar and the boys beginning to wear pointed collars. We also see collars that were not just plain white collars. Some had embrodiery designs and others look rather like lace collars. These were not very common, but we do see examples in the photographic record.


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