** Italian school smocks grembiule della scuola colors

Italian School Smocks: Range of Colors

Figure 1.--These Itlalian children in 2001 wear bright blue smocks. Here both boys and girls wear the same color. This is a brighter shade than we have commonly noted, but reflects the increasing diversity in smock colors.

We have noted Italian school children wearing snocks in a wide range of colors. For many years, black was the standard color. Voth boys and girls eore vblsack smocks. Gradually while became more common for the girls. Thius continued until the 1970s when blue done in various shades becane by far the most common color. This was true through most of the 20th century. More different colors appeared by the 1980s, but blue continues to be the most common. Not only are there several different colors of smovks worn, but there are also many shades--especially shades of blue. There seems to be a virtually endless range of blue shades. Especially in recent years the range of blue shades has become much more varied. Schools that let the children chose their own smocks have an especially wide range of smocks colors. We have noted white and pink smocks, but other colors especially bright colors are much less common. In recent years there has been a trend toward ligther colors and to an extent brighter colors.


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Created: August 20, 2003
Last updated: August 20, 2003