Uruguayan School Smocks: Blue Bows

Figure 1.--Here we see some Uruguayan boys after school in their white smocks. Notice how they have unbuttoned their collars and the boes pinned to their smocks at the collar are left sort of danfling.

Uruguayan children wear their smocks with large blue bows. We onlt see blue bows. Thisppears to be a reflectio of the national colors, blue and white. The most desctinctive feature of the Uruguayan school smocks is the blue bows the Urugayan children wear with their smocks. It is a useful way of diferentialing Argentine and Uruguayan photographs because the white smocks are indistunguishable. Iruguyan schools seem to have been rather strict about insisting on the smocks which were mndated by law. They seem less strict about the bows. They were commonly worn, but we see many schools where not all the children had the bows. We arenot sure, but apparently unlike the smocks were not mandated by law. These do not appear to be bows that moms toed every morning, at least the modern examples that we have seen. They seem to be pre-tied bows that were pinned to the smocks near the collar. Both boys and girls wear the bows. The bows are not very popular, especially with the older primary boys who can often be seen removing them as soon as possible after school. Some boys removed the bows. Othr boys unbuttoned their collasrs leaving the bows dangling. We do not seem as off put by the bows. We do not see the girls doing this. As far as we can tell, the boys do not seem to mind the smocks, but the bows werecrather unpopular.


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Created: 5:34 AM 3/6/2017
Last updated: 5:34 AM 3/6/2017