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School Uniform Garments: Jumpers/Sweaters--Gender

school sweaters gender
Figure 1.-- This is an English primarily school class, ee think in the late-1950s. Note the boys wear either suit jckets or sweaters. Mny of the girls also wear sweaters, but different styles.

The sweater or jumper (in Britain) is a garment that began to become popular for school wear in the 1910s. At the time it began to replace suit jackets as school wear began to become more informal. Sweaters were also worn with suit jackets, primrily in Britain. Sweaters were at first primarily worn by boys, motly because the sweater was more of a male garment. We don't see women or girls wearing seaters to any extent before World War I, in or outside school. Probably because until after the erly-20h century, they were mostly seen as a kind of male work wear. After boys began wearing sweaters to school, given the practiclity and relative inexpense of the garment, girls soon followed. Sweaters became very common on a seasonal basis for countries in temperate areas. Boys and girls generally wear the same styled sweaters when worn as part of a uniform, of course chosing a male style--primarily the V-neck sweater. When not part of uniform, substantial gender varitions can be observed in the style chosen.


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