Boys' Caps: Aviator Caps

aviator caps
Figure 1.--The American children in February 1936 enjoy bicycles after a dusting of snow. The girl wears a tam. The boys wear aviator caps, one without the googles. The snapshot also illustrates the trend toward long pants in America. By the mid-30s we begin to see more American boys wearing long pants.

Aviator-style caps with flaps were popular with American boys during the 1920s and 30s, especially for winter wear. Aviation was a craze after World War I and this was fueled by the Lindberg flight (1927). I am not entirely sure when they first appeared, but it was the Linfbergh flight that made them popular for boys. Some boys remember pestering their parents for one of these caps. Much like another generation insisted on coon-skin caps. Some boys found that once they got these aviator caps that while they were the in thing--they weren't very comfortable. They were mostly worn by boys in knickers during the 20s and 30s. A good example is a boy at an air show about 1930. We see them into the 1940s, but without the goggles. A good example is a 1947 family snapshot. They were some times called helmets. I believe aviator caps were primarily an American cap style.


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