Boys' Caps: Jockey Caps

Figure 1.--This unidentified boy looks to be about 5 yars old. He wears a knee pants suit with white long stockings. Notice is dark velvet jockey cap. The portrait looks to hace been taken in the early-1870s. The studio is Rieman and Tuttle in San Francisco.

We begin to see jockey caps in the late-19th century. We are not sure what they were called in the 19th century, but they certainly look like jockey caps. They had rounded crowns and a visor or peak. The basic deign was similar to vachool cap, nut the visor for the jocjey cap was larger and more extended. and were worn with chin straps, often done in colors. The examples we have found are American. A good example is the San Francixo boy we see early, probbly in the early-1870s. Another example dating to about 1890 is a New York boy about 1890. We believe, however, they were also worn in England, although we do not yet have examples. They have the look of a caual cap to us today. But the examples we have found show boys wearing them when dressed up. We even see American boys wearing them with Fauntleroy suits. They wee done in various materials. The actual racing caps were din in silk. Boys wore the caps done in various materials. The boy here had a dark velvet jovkry cap. They were not one of the more common boys' style. Adults did not wear them, except of course actual jockeys. We are not sure when jockeys began wearing them. Ther term first appeared in the mid-18th century. We are not sure what the early caps looked like or just when boys begn wearing them. The caps worn by jockeys were much often in bright colors. The one orn by boys were more muted colors. Horse raceing was of course one of the most popular sports at the time and enjoyed by all classes of people. Betting of course was a major part of the races. Modern equestrian helmets are done to resemble jockey caps.


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