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mortar board caps
Figure 1.-- Here we see three very young children. They all look to be pre-school children, about 1-5 years old. The two boys wear classic Fauntleroy suits. Canadian boys fashions have been infuenced by both America and Britain. The Fauntleroy outfits here look more American than British. The studio is Chas. Burgess in Guelph. We think that means Guelph, Ontario.

We see boys wearing mortar caps in the 19th century and even early-20th century. This style began as academic style in European universities. It probably has clerical origins as universities began as Catholic institutions. We note mortarboards being worn by university faculty in many countries, especially Europe and North America, reflecting the medieval university origins. It is primarily in Englnd that we see mortar boards as a school style. English students and school masters wearing these caps and gowns. We have note them being worn at both preptatory schools and public schools as well. We believe they were also worn at some grammar schools, but mostly by the faculty. We are not sure abour earlier periods, but we think students and masters mostly commonly wore mortarboards in the 19th century. They were still worn in England in the early 20th century, but gradually were phased out after World War I (1914-18). They are still worn at a few choir schools. We bote mortarboards in the United States, primarily as formal university functions and at highschool and university graduations. We also notice boys wear these moitar board caps as a kind of formal style, but with nothing to do with school or education. We mosly see this in America in the late-19th century. Many examples are boys wearing Fauntleroy suits. A good American exampole is a Montana boy. We have also found a Canadian example. We have not yet found English examples that were not school related.


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