Sailor Caps: Flat-Tipped Cap--Small Saucer Style

Figure 1.--Here we see a portrait of an unidentified American boy, probably taken in the 1930s.

German and Russian boys wore flat-topped caps, but the top did not extend out like the earlier British style. These were what we would call small-saucer styles. This is of course one of the many cap styles adapted for boys from actual naval uniforms. We are not sure what the proper name is for these caps. The name of the ship would be worn on a band and visible on the front of the cap. These caps came in blue, black, and white. They were worn with streamers at the back. British sailors eventually adopted this style, including American sailors. We think that in America it was not worn as extensively as in other countries. We note American boys wearing this cap, but not very commonly. We note many more images of European boys, especilly German boys. We are unsure about the chronology of these caps which varied from country to country.


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Created: 10:55 PM 11/16/2004
Last updated: 10:55 PM 11/16/2004