Sailor Caps: Other Styles

Figure 1.--This American boy in a charcoal drawing wears a sailor cap with the streamers clearly, but not realistically drawn. We can not, however, quite make out the cap style. It looks to be from about 1905. The anchor design on his dickey is clear, but we can't make out the design on the front of his cap. Note the streamers.

Sailor caps came in a great diversity of styles. We're sure there are other styles thaqn we have listed, although we have detailed the major styles. We hope to develop further information on this topic, including details on these and other cap styles. In some cases we can not make out just what style of cap a boy is wearing in available images. While these different styles were not common, they are interesting to note so we can fully understand the wide variety of styles worn.

Peaked Caps

HBC has noted some boys wearing a military-style peaked cap. This looks more like an army cap than a cap worn by soldiers. We wonder if it might be a style adopted fot a school uniform. This may be a style worn in Germany, but even in Germany it was not very common. We have not noted it being worn in any other countries.


In some cases we can not make out just what style of cap a boy is wearing in available images. This is the case, for example, with the cap worn by the boy here (figure 1). It looks like it might be a tam, but it is very difficuylt to tell. The image here shows short streamers. We are not sure how common this was.


Here we are not quite sure, but the cap one boy wore with his sailor suit loks to be some kind of helmet-shaped cap worn with streamers. We have not seen anything quite like it before.


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Created: July 15, 2001
Last updated: September 25, 2003