American Curls: Non-Ringlet Fauntleroy Curls

Figure 1.-- Ringlet curls were most associated with the Fauntleroy style, but there other ways of doing the curls. Notice the huge lace collar. This boy was from New York. Click on the image to see his highly decorated knee pants.

Some Fauntleroy outfits were worn with curled hair, but not done in ringlets. This was not very common, but we see a few examples. This was mostly shortr cut styles with the curls well off the shoulders. We note a variety of styles. We note some boys with curls at the end of their hair at the siges and back. This was done in many different ways. Some were only slightly curled. Other boys had elaborate, almost bushy curls. We are unsure what the proper terms are for the different non-ringlet styles. These were not necesarily Fauntleroy styles, bit these fancy styles are most commonly seen with Fauntleroy oufits. Again we see them more commonly in America than Europe.


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Created: 7:26 PM 3/21/2009
Last edited: 11:49 PM 3/21/2009