Ruffled Collars: Ages

Figure 1.--This boy is unidentified, aslthough we know his portrait was taken in Washington state (Spokane or Walla Walla) and mailed to Harray Carney in San Francisco, California. He looks to be about 11 years old. We would guess that he was photographed about 1900.

The ages of boys wearing ruffled collars has varied over time. In fact untill the early 19th centurt, men might wear ruffled collars. The period in which boiys are pergaps best known for wearing ruffled collars was the 1890s and 1900s as well as the early 1910s. We note boys up to the teen years wearing them. This vasried from family to family. They were most common for boys up to about 10 years of age wearing them, but we also see boys of 11 and 12 years of age wearing them. It is likely that 13 year olds may have worn them, but it is unlikely that 14 years old who were either entering high school or beginning to work would have worn ruffled collars. Assessing ages is diificult because so many available portraits are unidentified. Store catalogs also provide some useful information.


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Created: 8:27 AM 12/24/2004
Last updated: 8:27 AM 12/24/2004