Juvenile Eton Suits: Country Trends Croatia

Figure 1.--Here we see unidentified Kindergarten children. We at first thought that they were putting on a school skit. Looking closer, we think that they are at home, but wearing costumes. We thought it might be for a school skit, but given theage differences it might bejust for play at home. The girls are the sun and moon. The boy is a donkey. We think the children are Croatian. All we know for sure is that the photograph was taken in 1959. The boy is rather dressed up for Kindergarten, perhps the parents were invited. He wears a smart junior Eton suit with dounle breasted styling. The text on the back as best we can decipher the writing reads, "Tomica sa magarećom glarom, Ze respomem majka Lepi sa Zoríetka Kindergartena snisnljeno." Our inability to read the writing makes it difficult to translate. It appears to be a description of the masks, magarećom means donkey. It was dated March 24, 1959. Click on the image for more infoirmation.

Croatia had a higly varied political environment during the 20th century, the time for which the junior Eton suits were a popular style. Croatia was part of royal Yugoslavia, went through World War II as a NAZI ally, and then was part Communist Yugoslavia. All of this mean wrenching changes. We do not have much information on Croatian fashions, but they were affected by the political changes. We believe that it was similar to Yugoslavia in general. Germany was a major fashion influence before World War II. After the War, Italy was more of an influence, especially after the break with Stalin and the Soviet Union (1948). Here we note a kindergarten boy wearing a smart junior Eton suit in 1959 (figure 1). The boy wears a regular shirt. American boys wore these siuts with blouses that had Eton or Peter Pan style collars. We have no idea how common these suits were in Croatia as our archive is so limited, but it does show that these suits were worn.


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Last updated: 10:36 AM 4/19/2017