Little Lord Fauntleroy Kilt Suits: Jackets

Figure 1.--This portrait looks to have been taken about 1890. The boy was probably about 6 years old. He wears a kilt suit. Note the piping on the jacket. For an assessment of his outfit, click on the image.

The jackets for these outfits were generally small jackets without lapels, designed to be worn open so that the elaborate lace trimmed blouse could be seen. The classic jacket was velvet, but many other materials were used. This was especially the case for either summer wear or for inexpenive outfits. Nlack velvet jackets were especilly common when wirn with a tartan kilt. Jackers worn as kilt suits matching the skirt were less commonlybvelvet. While the lace collar and usually matching cuffs were the most prominent feature of the blouse, there was often elaborate matching trim at the front of the blouse. The velvet jacket for these Fauntleroy kilts was often black or some other dark color. Ths was not always the case. The jackets not made in velvet varied more widely in color. , but not always. A few jackets were made in plaid to match the kilt. Others were of the same plain material. These were different than kilt suits, however, in that kilt suits had jackets that were designed to be worn closed with a much less elaborate blouse. The kilt suit jackets often had lapels. The jackets were normally plain, but some had varying detailing such as piping.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: February 24, 1999
Last updated: December 1, 2001