Hitler Youth Pageantry: Nuremberg Party Rallies--Propaganda Films

Figure 1.--Here we see HJ boys holding standards at the 1940 Nuremberg Party Rally. This image is from "Der Marsch zum Führer". Notice the HJ arm bands and pins on the caps..

" Triumph des Willens " (" Triump of the Will "), was the most famous film made in the NAZI era. It is one of thge most poweful and influential films ever made. It was a brilliant piece of propaganda film making. This documentary depicts the Sixth Nazi Party Congress at Nuremberg in 1935. It helped fuel the power of the NAZI state and to make a needed statement of discipline and order that was needed by the NAZIs in 1934. This powerful film had a tremendous impact on Germans, especially young Germans. Its sweeping style was later used by American director Frank Capra for his war documentaries. The director was. It may well be the classic propaganda film of all time. The power of the film probably was a factor in the Allied decision to hold the war crimes trials in Nuremburg--the ideological seat of NAZI power. Another NAZI documentary was made depicting the Hitler Youth role in the 1940 NAZI Part Rally--"Der Marsch zum Führer". The 1939 Party Rally had been cancelled. The 1940 Party Rally celebrated the NAZI military victiries, especially the defeat of France. Most in Germany bdlieved the War was essentially over and this time Germany had won.


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