Hitler Youth Pageantry: Nuremberg Party Rallies--Marching

Figure 1.--Here are HJ boys in 1940 marching to the Party Rally. From the look of these boys, they may have been involved in the War within a year or two. This is a scene from "DerMarsch zum Führer".

Every summer thousands of Hitler Youth members marched from their home towns to along countless German roads converging en mass at Nuremberg to participate in the annual NAZIi Party Congress. Large numbers of German youth marching through German cities added excitement and locl color building up to the actual Party Rally in Nuremberg. I'm not sure all the HJ participants marched the whole way, especially the BDM girls.


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Created: 5:38 AM 6/15/2005
Last updated: 5:38 AM 6/15/2005