United States Boy Scout Activities: Riflery

Figure 1.--Rhis advertisement for Winchester Rifles ppeared in 1944 during World war II. It was entitles, "on Guard for America since 1866". The date refers to the founding of the Winchester Rifle company. The image is of a Boy Scout reading a map and his rifle and carry sack by his side.

Riflery has been for years a popular activity in Scouting. For many years it was an non-contoversial part of American life. Advertisement for guns were common in Scout publications such as Boys' Life. In more recent years it has become more controversial as guns have become a less accepted in many American homes. In this case there are differences among urban and rural troops as well as regional fifferences with guns more acceptable in the West and South. A major part of the continuing Scout riflery program is gun saftey training as well as developing shooting skills. Some boys grow up in families when guns and hunting are an important part of family life. Other boys would have had no opportunity to be involved with riflery had it not been for Scouting. Many Scout camps have rile ranges.

Winchester Rifles

The Winchester Rifle advertised here is one of the most famous brand names in America. The companies fire arms are associated with the Old West and American history. The winchester repeating rifle rivald the Colt 45 in the history of the West. The company roteinly sponsors advertisements in Scouting publication. Here is an advertisement from 1944 during World war II. Of course in 1944 there were not a lot of rifles being made for consumer sales. Presumably the company was looking forward to the end of the War.


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Created: December 5, 2003
Last updated: December 5, 2003