United States Boy Scout Camps: Individual Camps

Figure 1.--The Philmont Scout Ranch is the best known of all the various Scout camps around the country. Here is one of the Scout teeams im 1972. They are Expedition No. 105 B6. Putyour cursor on the image to see the rest of the group.

Perhaps the best known American camp is the Philmont Scout ranch. Every year large numbers of American Scouts participate in various programs at Philmont. There are, however, many other Boy Scout camps. Everu Scout Council operates camps throughout the country. There are now Scout camps established in every state of the union as well as some of the various territories. Not all of these camps have the wonderful senic vistas of Philmont, but all have wonderful outdoor features, almost always water featutes for swimming and boating activities. Most pf the various Scout camps are known only to local Scouts. There is, however, a huge photogrphic record of these various camps as the boys and youth leaders loved to take photographs and of course the Scouts were founded after amateur photography became so simple and afordable. This we have a very extensive and detailed photographic record. We will archive some of these images here to view Scout camps around the country.


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