United States Boy Scout Uniforms: Unit Approaches

Figure 1.--The Scouts in this troop all wear the official uniform, although the boys could choose to wear short or long pants. There is also differences in the scarves and shorts. We can'tell about the hosiery. They look to be at a camp. The photograph is undated, but was probanly taken avbout 1960.

Units at every Scouting level took varying approaches to the uniform. This varied over time and depended on the unit leadership. Early Scout and thn Cub units paid consideranle attention to the uniform and wearing it correctly. This was the case into the post-World war II era. This began to changes in the late -1960s. Many units began showing less interest in th uniform and you see boys wearing non-uniform items with the uniform. The unit leaders also varied as to how much attention was given to the uniform and wearing it correctly. There was also difference in setting uniform guidelines. You see some units wih all the boys dressing alike. Some units selected destictive headwer like red berets so they stood out in Scouting events. And some units set a uniform of the day and expected all the boys to comply. Other units allowed the boys to select optional uniform items like short and long sleeve shirts or short and long pants. We also notice variation in hosiery, although this was only noticeable when wearing the short pants uniforms. some unit leaders insisted on official uniform items and the boys dressing alike. This was unimportant to other leaders. There was also varition in different activities. Some leaders wanted the boys to look smart for activities like church call, but were less concerned abou unit meetings. Camps also set different uniform rules.


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