Irish Step Dancing Costumes: Benefits

Figure 1.--There are arange of benefits to dancing for children. They inckude both pgsical, nantal, abnd social bvenefuts.

Irish dance teachers points to many benefits of Irish dance for the children participating. Developing skills and performing on stage can help build confidence. It helps build self-esteem and increase the child's confidence as he/she develops 'stage presence'. They learn increased physical skills. They develop important body control and coordination skills. Dance is great exercise and helps to build stamina. There is also the opportunity to increased mental skills: listening, following directions, increasing attention span, and memorizing steps. Dancing also fosters a healthy competitive spirit. It increases the child's desire to do well and to the best of his/her ability. Dancers develop social skills and help build lasting friendships, not only with classmates, but through performing and competing, meeting children from all parts of the city, state, and country. An it can help improve and build family relationships. Dancing is afun activiy that the whole family can enjoy, including feisanna and different performances. One aspect of Irish dancing not often considered is helpning to build mental skills. Dancers have to listen to and remember often complex steps. Irish dancing also helps to promote Irish culture. A revival of Irish identity and tradition began in the 1960s. While a young dancer may not comprehend this particular benefit while training, this revival continues!


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Created: 12:02 AM 7/5/2013
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