Boys' Irish Step Dancing Costume Garments: Jacket Piping

Figure 1.--This Irish boy in England wears a piped jacket. Nore that there is no celtic enbroidery, but expetsive piping, incliding white stripes on the sleve. Also note the military-like epiletes.

A popular style in Ireland is jackets with piped edges. The piping is usually the wide ribbon style around the hem and jacket lapels. They are usually bright colored jackets in basic colors like blue, grren, and red. Sometimes other colors like purple appear. Usually a white or silver ribbon piping is used. The piping is similar to that found on British school uniforms. Only a minority of the jackets have piping, but there are usaually a few at Irish feies. Some of these jackets may have epiletes. In this they are quite different than British school blazers with never have epilets. The epiletes might also have piping. There may also be piping on the pockets. I have never observed the piped jackets in America. They appear to be popular in Ireland and other countries with Irish populations like England and New Zealand.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: July 23, 2000
Last updated: July 23, 2000