Boys' Irish Step Dancing Costume Garments: Shirts

Figure 1.--HBC has noted some younger boys wearing vests instead of blazer jackets during the 1990s. We are not sdure how wide spread this is.

Boys wear white shirts for competitions. We notice both long and short-sleeved shirts. They are not specikized garnments, but standard white dress shirts. We do not see any variationn here like blue shirts. All he boys wear white shirts worn with neckties. At some of the outdoor Feisana the boys are instructed to take off their jackets because of the heat. They wait until instructed beccause they mughthave points reduced . Costunming is part of the competition. In other instances the boys do not yet have proper jackets to wear with the kilts. The jackets are expensive so some parents delay the purchase until they are sure that the boys are interested enough to give some effort to the dancing.


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Created: 7:41 AM 7/6/2013
Last updated: 7:41 AM 7/6/2013