Boys' Irish Step Dancing Costume Garments: Jackets--Cuts

Figure 1.-- Boy sancers wore jackets with their kiklts, except when the weather got very hot during summer feisana. There were two tyoes of jackets. There were special, short cut jackets to be less consyructing and better show off the kilts. Sonme boys wore regular blazets or sports jasckets.

The boys wear jackets looking like blazers or sports jackets. The special dancing jackets are, however, not regular blazers. The precise cut varied. Some did not even button. But they all had lapels and were cut much shorter than regular jackets. This made them more suitable for dancing and better shows off the kilts the boys wear. Many were cut to waist levelm or just slightly below the waist. The jackets worn by the boy dancers varied. Some seem rather like standard blazers. This was a cost matter. Thrifty mothers wanted the boys to wear jackets that they could use when dressing up and not just for dancing. The dancing jackets were only suitable for dancing performances and copetitions. Quite a few boys wore just regular jackets. They are easily identifuable because unlike the special jackets, they extend well below the waistline. These were, however, cut a little long for dancing. The made for dancing jackets were cut shorter than blazers and suit jackets. Some of the jackets were particularly short with cut away in front. They were thus less constricting for the dancers.


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