Boys' Irish Step Dancing Costume Garments: Jackets--Embroidery

Figure 1.-- Notice this boy's short, cut-away dancing jacket. Most of the boys in Irish dancing wear plain jackets, but we note some of the boys with Cektic-style embroidery on their sleeves. The girls in contrast have highly embrioderd dresses with beautiful celtic designs.

Most pf the jackets worn by boys for Irish dabncing were plain jackets done in neutral colors, in sone cases to go with a brightly colored jacket. Some of the fancier ones have Celtic-styled embroidery on the sleeves. The girls had dresses with very elaborate embrider using celtic designs. The embrioidery on the boys' sleeves also was in celtic designs, meaning primarily the stylistic motifs found on stone carvings, jewelry, amd most importantly illuminated manuscripts. We do not think that cloyhing was commonly decorated with these decorations. It was much less common on bots' costumes han the elaborate designs used for the girls' dresses. The embroidery is very popular in America. We have not observed the embroidered jacket sleeves nearly as as commonly as in other countries. Presumably the ladies doing the embroidery hace reserached actual Celtic designs.


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