* the fine arts: boy musical prodigies

The Fine Arts: Costumes of Boy Musical Prodigies

Figure 1.--The destinguised French muscician Robert Benzi was a child prodigy conductor, directing major orchestras when still a teenager. He was born in Marseilles, France, during 1937. He is of Italian origin. He looks to be about 12-13 years old here meaning that the photograph was taken about 1950.

There are many famous child music prodigies. The most famous is certainly Mozart in the 18th Century, but there have been many others in the 19th and 20th Century. The clothing they wore for their performances were often examples of contemporary formal boys' clothing. Often as they began to grow up their parents liked to keep dressing them in juvenile clothes to emphasize that they were childhood prodigies. We have just begun this page and would be interested in any comments or contributions by HBC viewers, especially if you know of any other child prodigies that swe should list. Here are the child prodigies that we know of and what we know about their careers as prodigies.

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