Individual Scottish Beaches

Figure 1.--This photograph is unidentified, but was with a group of photograophs including mny Scottish photgraphs. It appears to have been taken on a Scottish beach, but could have been taken in Englnd. The boy seems to be wearing his school uniform. Scottish and English school uniforms are virtually identical.

Many of Scotland's best beaches are hidden away in isolated, remote areas and thus require considerable effort if ones wants to see them. And of course there is always the chance of experiencing an Atlantic or North Sea gale. When the sun shines, however, the Scottish beaches are spectacular. The beaches can be divided as to the coast where they are located: western, northern, and eastern.

Western (Atlanic)

Many of Scoitland;s best known beaches are located along the western coast and the may off shore islands. Gairloch in Western Ross is beautiful, but remote. Gouroch was popular beach, in part because it was located on arail line from Glasgow. We note three unidentified children photographed there on holiday. There was a notation "N.R." We are not sure what thet meant, perhaps Northern Ross. Kiloran Bay on Colonsay requires a long hike from the road. Once tere, however, there is spectacular crescent-shape beach. The Queen enjoys picnicing here. She didn't hike in, but came ashore from Royal Yacht Britannia. Luskentryre beach is on South Harris. Here the intrepid beach goer will find a wide expanse of flat sand with blue waters beyond are an astoundingly beautifukl scene. Sanna Bay is located on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula. This is the most westerly point of Britain. They are extremely isolated beaches with beautiful white sands. The dunes and rocks are a natural showcase. The turquoise waters tempt many beach goers to swim despite the chilly water. Sandwood Bay is located at Blairmore in Sutherland on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula. Some believe that this is one of Scotlandís best beaches. It is also one of the least accessable. Beach goers have to hike more than an hour to reach it. The beach itself stretches about 1.6 kilometers. It is a golden sand bech with impressive dunes. One noticeable feature is a dominting sea stack that the locals call Am Buchaille. Scarista Beach is located on Harris in the Western Isles. The golden sand beach stretches about t 10 kilometers. Even more tht most Scottish beaches, tourists often have virtually the entire beach to themselves.

Northern (Atlantic/North Sea)

The northern beaches are the least known, primarily because they were the furthest from important population centers.

Eastern (North Sea)

Balmedie Beach near Aberdeen has a huge expanse of wonderful golden sands and dunes beyond the beaches. The breach extends more than 23 kilometers. Lunan Bay at Montrose faces east and extends about 10 kilometers. The beautiful sand beach has extensive dunes behind it and impressive cliffs to the North and South. West Sands is located at St Andrews. St. Andrews is probably Scotland's best known beach resort, but it is moreknown for golf than the beach itself. The noted run along the beach in "Chariots of Fire" was filmed at West Sands. The area near St. Andrews is a popular tourist site, but furter away the beach rarely has tourists. Yellowcraigs in East Lothian is one of Scotlands most popular beaches, in part because it is close to Edinburgh and accessable and children love to play in the beach sand and dunes.


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