Sunday School Clothes: Russian Orthodox Sunday School (New Jersey, about 1930)

Figure 1.--Here we see a Russian Orthodox church in New Jersey taken about 1930. It looks to be a studio portrait, not one taken in the church. The children are all dressed in their best clothes. Click on the image to see the rest of the group.

We have very little information on sunday schools during the inter-wars period at this time. We do have an image from a Russian Orthodox sunday school in New Jersey, we believe about 1930. The children are all dressed up in their best clothes. We are unsure how the children's clothes might be different from other denominational sunday schools. The all white outfits that some of the girls wear seem a little more formal than girls may have worn at many sunday schools. The long pants suits that at least some of the boys wear seem a little unusual for younger boys at the time. This may reflect the working-class roots of Russian immigrants at the time.


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Created: 6:24 PM 7/8/2005
Last updated: 6:24 PM 7/8/2005