First Communion Country Trends: Brazil

Figure 1.--These Brazilian boys received their First Communion in 1935 in Iguape, Sao Paulo State during 1935. For the occasion they wore white short pants suits. As footwear, probably they wore their best shoes, maybe their only shoes: at least three of them are barefoot.

Like most other South American countries, Brazil is a largely Catholic country. Until the 20th century there were virtually no other organized religions in Brazil. This has changed and Protestants today may amount to 20 percent of the population. And the Protestants tend to be much more fervent in their exercise of religion. Brazil is still the world's largest Catholic country. It is difficult, however, to assess just what this means. The population is culturally Catholic, but actual church attendance is relatively low. Catholic iconography is everywhere, such as Jesus mud flaps in the omipresent trucks which ply Brazilian highways. We have no historic information about First Communion in Brazil. The country began building a public school system. This is related to First Communion because First Communion classes were provided in the public schools. This may have substantially increased the number of children doing First Communion. As in other Catholic countries, a child's First Communion was an important event. Families that could aford to do so commonly bought the child a new suit or special costume. This was a substantialexpenditure for many families. The girls junior wedding dresses in particular were very expensive.


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