First Communion Country Trends: Uruguay

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentified Uruguayan boy in a dark double-breastef short pants suit with white three-quarter socks for First Communion. All we know for sure is that the studio was Klestorny, presumably in Montevideo. The portrait is undated, bit looks to us to have brn taken in the 1920s. The boy here looks to be about 10-11 years old, older than the younger age that now is common.

Uruguay as is most of the rest of South America is a predominately Catholic country. Until recemtly there were few Protestants in the country. First Communion was an important event in a child's life. We have been unable to find any information describing First Communion in Uruguay. Many adults, especially men, are not active in the Church. Mother commonly insist that children are baptised and do First Communion. First Communion outfits seem very similar to those worn in Argentina. Girls wore junior wedding dresses and boys different suits. Working class children dressed more plainly. We do not yet have enough Uruguayan images in our archive to have a good idea of the outfits worn. With the growth of Socialism and secular culture, this is less common than it once was. We suspect tht Socialist and secular parents were less likelt to have their children do First Communion, but as it was a cultural as well as a religious occasion this was not always the same.


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Created: 2:32 AM 12/1/2011
Last edited: 2:32 AM 12/1/2011