Argentine First Communion Sevices: Events

Figure 1.--These unidentified Argentine children, presumably sibling, are doing their First Communion together about 1960. Mist children did First Communion as part of church or school groups. We see a few children like thise here doing their First Communion by themselves in a small family service. Click on the image to see the full church scene.

Most of the information we have collected on First Communion in Argentina show school or church groups participating in the ceremony. First Communion was a very important event. hus there is a substantil photographic record. In addition to the many group portraits, we have archived individual portraits of Argentine children in their First Communion outfits taken before or after the ceremony. And we notice family celebrations at home with the communicants. But the church ceremony itself seems to have been primarily done as a group event. Rarely do we notice family events in the church with a single child or perhaps family siblings and/ or cousins. We have found a few such events with First Communion as an individual family event. We are not sure just how common this was, but given the relative rarety in the photographic record it looks to us like it was not very common at all. We suspect that such individual church events were most common among well-to-do Argentine familes. As they must have been expensive. Hopefully Argentine readers can provise some insights here.


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