Argentine First Communion: Suit Styles--Formal Outfits

Figure 1.-- Here we see two formally dressed Buenos Aires Argentine children for their First Communiin, probanly in the 1930s. The girls always dessed only in these junior wedding dresses. Boys dressed this formally were less common, but cerainly not unusual. He wears a derachable collar, but not the common Eton style. He also sems to have a whirte vest abd formal white bowtie. The white gloves and long stockings are also formal touches.

We see some very formal First Communion outfits in Argentina. All of the girls' outfits were formal junior wedding dresses. The boy's suits were general regulr suits or in some cases white suits especually for the ceremony. But even these suits were mostly done with regular suit styling. Formality was added by touches such as detachable collars, white bowties, and white vests. These seem to be the kind of fornality we sometimes see in France. They were not very common in other countrues. Often white gloves were added. We also see sleeve bows, but these also appeared in less formal outfits as well. This was not the most common First Communion outfits in Argentina, but we do see a number of such events. These were individual outfits. we do not see schools or church groups chosing such formality.


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