Argentine First Communion Suits: Hosiery

Figure 1.--This First Communion posjort pants suit rtrait is undate, but we would guess was taken in the 1960s. The boy wears a short pants suit, probably done in medium grey. He is fornmally done up in detachable collar, white tie, white gloves abd a white sleeve bow. The outfit is completed with white knee socks and white shoes.

We note Argentine boys wearing a range of hosiery with their First Communion suits. Of couese we can only tell when knee pants or short pants were worn. Knickers seem rare. We have noted long stockings, knee sicks, three quarter socks and ankle socks. The popularity of the various tyoes of hosiery changed over time along with general stylistic trends. We do not see many boys wearing long stockings. This is presumably because we gave little inormation in the 19th century. Most of our archive at this time comes from the 20th century. We see a few boys wearing black long stockings in the early-20th century. Stockings were more common for girls, but were usually white long stickings to go with the white junior wedding dresses. Knee socks were very common. We see different colored knee socks, including black, what looks like grey, and white. The actual colors beyond black and white or difficult to assess using the black-and-white photography of the day. Both boys and girls wore white knee socks, but only boys wore the dark knee socks. In many insstances mothers chose knee socks to match the Confirmation suits, black knee socks for black suits and white knee socks for white suits. In other cases knee socks contrasting with the suits were chosen. Knee socks seem very common in the mid-20th century. We do not notice threr-quarer socks much, but this may because in the early-20th century when three-quarter socks were worn, long stockings were often worn. This is a little difficult to assess because we have realtively few inmages from the very-early 20th century. At mid-century we also begin to see some ankle socks, both white and dark socks.


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Last edited:4:02 PM 7/28/2013