Argentine First Communion: Suit Styles

Figure 1.--This Argentine boy had a formal portrait taken, probably in the early 1960s. He wears a medium-colored, standard sack suit. I'm unsure about the acual color. This is a regular suit, not an Eton suit. Note the lapels. Also notice the white or light-colored tie.

We see boys in the 1950s-70s wearing srandard sack suits. These were regular suits with lapels. We notice a range of colors, including dark, medium. and lihjt colored suits. We also notice white suits. Both black and white have been used for formal wear. We notice boys wearing black suits. This appears to have been common in the early 20th century. The short pants suit here is a good example of a formal black suit (figure 1). White suits were also commonly worn for First Communion, especially in the mid-20th century. By the 1950s they were being worn with both long and short pants. The boys in short pants during the 1950s wore kneesocks or less commnly ankle socks with white or black shoes. This would match the girl's outfits which were minature bridal costumes. The colored suits had the advantage that they could be worn for other purposes. White suits were more associated with First Communion. The school or church might suggest the color. We see suits being worn with large collars or fancy neckwear. Boys by the 1950s were wearing their suits with standard shirt and neckties. The pants vsaried quite a bit. We see both short and long pants. This vsaried from family to family. The school and church my have made some suggestions. Some boys from affluent families were still wearing short pants suits as late as the 1980s, but by that time suits were bcoming less common or First Communion.. Sleeve bows were commonly added for First Communion.


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