French First Communion: Ceremony

Figure 1.--Here we see Fremch boys in the Church where they did the First Communion ( Communion Solenelle ) during 1953. The Church is Saint Eugene, Rue Berthelot. I believe this was a church in Oran, Algeria.

The communion solennelle of First Communion is a beautifull ceremony. Just as the name indicated, the children take the sacrament of Communion for the first time. They thus become a full member of the Church. We do not yet have a detailed account of the actual ceremony. There are few images of the actual ceremony. Presumably it was not considered appropriate to disrupt the actual ceremony. There are individual portaits of the children in their outfits as well as portraits outside and inside the church before or after the ceremony. These provide some insights on the ceremony even though we do not have actual photographs.


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