German First Communion Suit Styles: Group Variation

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentified German First Communion Group in the 1920s, probably the late-20s. . There was no rule about what the boys should wear, but sailor suits were the obvious preference. There was considerable variety as to style an hosiery and footwear. Note several boys are wearing whitle long stockings for formality.

We notice groups of German boys and girls dressed up for their First Communion. In only a few cases are they dressed a like. We assume that was ehen they attended the same school where the priest or other authorities were very concerned about dress. In most occassions the boys are dressed differently, although there is a degree of consisrency created by the popularity of ceratin styles. And the sailor suit was a particularly popular outfit for First Commiunion over some time. It actually had no real connection with First Communion, it is just that the sailor suit was such a ppopulat outfit. For many boys it was the outdfit that they wore for special occasions. Thus we see many First Comminion groups with many of the boys wearing sailor suits, often but not always sailor xsuits. This varied quite a bit over time. It was very common in the early-20th century, but rarely seen after Workd War II (1939-45). We continue seeing boys wearing a mix of outfuts after the War, but sailor suits were no longer an important part of the mix. And it later became popular to wearliturgical robes like white cassocks. In this case the boys are all dressed alike. Girls wore junior wedding dresses. There were differences, but they are less apparenr than the varuiations in the outfits worn by boys.


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Created: January 24, 2003
Last edited: 6:41 AM 8/15/2010