Lebanon First Communion

Figure 1.--Here we see a First Communion service in Lebanon during 1961.

Lebanon is a majority Muslim country with a substantial Christian minority. The principal Christian denomination in Levanon is the Marionite Church. It is an eastern church in communion with the Roman Catholic Church. The denomination traces its roots to St. Maron (early 5th century). The first Maronite patriarch was St. John Maron (late 7th century). Lebanon's Maronites are Arabic-speaking Christians. Their ethnic heritage is esentially the same as Muslim Lebanese (Phoenician, Assyrian, and a variety of other Levantine/West Semitic peoples). Lebanese Christians may have some Greek and European elements just as Muslim ASrabs may have some Arab ancestry, but these are relatively small additions to the historical ethnicity of the Levant. Marionite Christians have differed as to their position in the arab world or even their Arab identity. We have few details about Maronite First Communion services at this time.


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