Spanish First Communion Country Trends: Garments

Figure 1.--Here we see a group of Spanish boys in white sailor syits preparing for First Communion. We do not know if it is a school or church communion group. The portrait vis undated, but looks like the 1960s.

We see boys wearing many different stles of First Communion suits. This varied over time, We see boys in the early 20th century wearing a variety of dark suits, almost also sack suits with lapels. They were worn with different types of pants. After World War II sailor suits seem to have become popular. For many years we see the basic white middy blouse suit, the enlisted (ratings) suit. In the 1990s we see the officers suit with a blue blazer. I am not sure why this change occurred. At this age it seems it was the parents and not vthe boys who were responsible. We calso see boys wearing suits and blazers. Some schools or church communion groups had also the boys wear the same style of suit for the occassion.


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