United States First Communion Suits: Colors--White

Figure 1.--Here we see a group of boys who look like second graders doing their First Communion. We suspect they were Catholic school children. Most of the boys wear white suits, but a few boys just have white shirts. Some. Most wear white long stockings, but one boy seems to have knee socks. Most wear white shoes, but we also see sdaddle shies. The snapshot is undated, but it looks like the 1930s to us.

The girls always wore white junior wedding dressess. The boys outfits were more varied.We see some boys wearing white bloues without jackets in the 1920s. We are not sure about the 1910s. There may have been some white outfits, although always suits. Dark suits were, however, dominate in the 1910s. We begin seeing white suits more commonly in the 1920s and they were even more common in the 1930s. We see both dark sand white suits through the 1960s, but by that time First Communion outfits began to become less common and we see fewer suits and less formal First Communion attite. The thing about white suits is that unlike the dark suits there were more limited uses for the suits after the boy's First Communion. White suits were commonly vworn with short pants, but we see knickerts and long pants as well. They were worn with white socks or long stockings and white shioes. Some boys wore saddle shoes.


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