United States First Communion Outfits: Garments--Hosiery

Figure 1.--This unidentifified American boy wears an all-whire outfit for his First Cimminion (April 1928). Because it is all white we can make out manu details about the neckwer abd suit. e do notice his white long stockings and shoes.

Hosiery is a item of particular interest when the boys are earing shotened-length pants, adding to the look of the outfit. Genrally speaking hosiery for First Communin outfits followed overall trends, but as formality was involved here, the color and time line could be a little different. We notice mostly dark suits in the late-19th and early-20th centuries. We see mostly knee pants (late-19 and early-20th century). Knicker suits were common (1910s-20s). And short pants were comon (1920s-60s). We see many black or navy blue knee pants suits. Boys almost universally wore wore commonly wore long stockings with these knee pants suits. We begin to see fancy blouse outfits with knee pants and/or knickers in the 1910s. Knicker suits were also worn with long stockings. They were commonly worn with white long stokings. This continued through the 1920s, but we begin to see short pants suits as well as well as some long pants suits. White was a popular, but not universal color for the short pants suits. At first we see these suits being worn with white knee socks. Eventually we also see three-quater socks and ankle socks. We also motice dark short pants suits worn at first with knee socks and then anklesocks as well. As long pants became more common in the 1960s it is no longer apparent as to the hosiery worn and it becomes less of an issue. Girls as they wore white junior wedding dresses wire white hosiery which over time include long stockings, three-quarer, knee, and ankle socks. Of course as long pants became more common with First Communion outfits, hoiery was no longer important as it was covered up by the pants.


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