Confirmation Suits: Ireland

Figure 1.--

An Irish controbutor to HBC recalls at 11 years old in 1962 wearing a green short pants suit, with fawn socks, and brown shoes. Other boys wore a school uniform which was a black blaser, grey shorts, and long grey socks. As with all clothes, they were always bought a bit too big so you could grow into them and not because of fashion. For the first year, you only wore your confirmation suit on Sundays and special occasions. So while the coat would become to small after a year, it was expected the pants would last you for up to 2 years. For play shorts during the summer, we wore shorts, which had elastic at the back, cuffed legs and were very short. They had one pocket at the front and the worst thing I remember about them was that they had no fly. After confirmation he wore the suit on Sundays and special occasions. All boys at the time wanted long trousers for their confirmation but you wore what was bought for you, your mother picked all of your clothes. While I would have preferred a long pants suit, I was quiet proud of the suit I had. Most boys 11 and older had a Sunday suit, which would have been similar.The following year as the shorts became to short they became every day wear. He started wearing long pants at about 11, but only in winter. In May, most boys went back into shorts for the summer. His school had a uniform, but he didn't wear one. Apparently the uniform at his school was not required. He reports that his family could not afford the uniform, although it was not discussed.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: November 15, 2000
Last edited: November 17, 2000