** Eastern Europe anti-Semitism

Eastern Europe: Anti-Semitism

Figure 1.--As a result of Medieval expulsions and pogroms in Western Europe, Jews wwee drive in large numbers to Eastern Europe. Large numbers of Eastern European Jews like this Polish Jew and his son were unassimilated while Jews in Western Europe were often highly assimilated. A terrible anti-Semitic campaign launched by Tsar Alexander III drove Jews in large numbers to Germany and even larger numbers to America.

The Russian Tsars had barred Jews from their domains. There are instances when Russian armies conquering lands held by Lithuania and Poland would kill the Jews they found. The Russian exclusion of Jew dramatically changed with the Polish partitions (18th century). Polish kings had encouraged Jews to settle in the kingdom. YThis included Ukraine. Thus the acquisition of Ukrfaine and a large part of Poland brought many Jews within the Tsar's domaines. Large numbers of the Jews of Eastern Europe were unassimilated. Aftr the establidhment of tyhe Pale of Settlmrnt. Reports of bloody pograms begin. The Tsars in the 19th century were confronted with two major problems. One was the demand for a more liberal regime and the kind of representative government as enjoyed in the West. The other was the desire for increased autonomy on the pat of the various nationalities making up the Empire. Ghe assasination of Tzar Alexander II brouht repression. As Western Europe moved toward assimilation and emancipation, Russia moved in a very different direction. Tzar Alexander III initiated efforts to Russianize minority populations. And in an effort to deflect the increasing unpopularity of Tzarist absolutism, he promoted a vicious anti-Semitic campaign. Terrible pogroms targetted Russian Jews. The result was that Jews fled Russia in large numbers, many entering the swell of immigrants seeking refuge in Germany and the United States. Tzarist police fabricated the widely destributed the Proticols of the Elders of Zion to enflame passions against the Jews.



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